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For the last 25 years David Yifrach has been marketing bird control products, including: bird spikes, a natural and highly effective mean to chase away pigeons, crows, sparrows and other birds.

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    Bird Spikes on gutter - Model W
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    Crow and Bird Coil

David Yifrach products are commonly used by merchants, roof-makers and exterminators and are suitable for private homes and for public buildings. David Yifrach Bird Spikes create an obstacle that chases away birds.
Bird Spikes, as the best bird control product, create an unstable surface which is unappealing for bird pests and prevents their landing on your roof or window.
Bird Spikes are made of a high-quality flexible material, highly resistant to the changing weather conditions.
David Yifrach products are easy to install (using screws or glue), and can be installed in gutters, coverd rain gutters, banisters, tile or flat roofs, on air conditions etc.
All our bird spikes are pre-attached to base mounting unit.
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